Jean-Paul and Katrina Connock

My wife and I recently purchased a home with Kirsten and are extremely happy with her hard work, negotiation skills and knowledge of the area and the market. This is actually the second home that we have purchased through Kirsten. We were so pleased with her work securing the first home that we hired her to help us sell that house and purchase the new one. Kirsten made the buying process very easy for us, providing comprehensive timelines and making everything as transparent as possible. She is always very quick to respond to phone calls and emails and is very proactive, which keeps things running smoothly. Kirsten listened to us and helped us narrow down our desired neighbourhood and house/lot size. Her knowledge of the area and the market were invaluable during the house hunt The next time we buy/sell real estate in the area Kirsten will be our first call, without hesitation.

Yiyoung Kim

I had a great experience with Kirsten to find and buy a home. She is very professional and knowledgeable to provide detailed guides and information for me to understand market, house, neighborhoods, and environment. Since I am not familiar with the US housing market, I had to have a lot of questions, but she's so kind to answer all my questions promptly. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to buy a great home meeting your needs!

Bridget Quigg

Kirsten went so far beyond the normal call of duty to make our transaction happen it is almost impossible to describe. So many minutes, moments, decisions, bits of advice, clarity, and, above all, kindness. Yes, Kirsten is a knowledgeable, experienced, trustworthy, and smart professional, but when times get tough she has an unflinching, bottomless consideration for her clients and loyalty to the best outcome possible. She made magic happen and we are forever grateful to her. Thank you, Kirsten.

Joseph Chang and Silvia He

Kirsten guided us through the sale of our existing home and helped us purchase our next home over the course of almost a year. She was instrumental at every step, extremely responsive and understood our needs at a personal level. We could not have done this as successfully without her expertise, professionalism and patience.

Jeff and Sheila Bryan

Kirsten was very knowledgeable of the housing market in our area and was understanding to our needs when reviewing all details prior to listing with my wife and I. She explained her expectations of us as the sellers and what needed to been done so the house was ready to sale. She laid out in detail what her process would be and because of that we had a greater confidence that we had chosen the right person to help us. We received a full price offer with in 10 days along with the rent back we needed in order to not feel rushed in moving out. In our market where it seems rushed a lot of times, she helped keep everything pleasant and still kept everything moving towards closing on time. Thank you Kirsten for wonderful no stress sales experience!

Arturo Toledo

To begin, I'll say I didn't know Kirsten before working with her. So I'm comfortable saying I have zero bias about this review. I was referred to her by a good, Architect and Design friend of mine who worked of Microsoft, now Google. I was originally looking to buy an old house, demolish and build my own - modern style. Kirsten was referred to me a someone who specializes in modern homes but as I soon discovered, while she does have a perfectly aligned profile of understanding "modern" - she truly is a broad range realtor. Not just modern. This is great because in all of our interactions and property visits she always helped me keep my options open. Helped me be rational about something I liked. Her advice was comprehensive: from finding properties that matched my profile, visiting them with me, providing insights on structural and finishes for a given property and make general assessments of expected extra expenses for basic remodeling. This was really helpful because when you look for a property you assume every property you like is dreamy - but there's tons of stuff I couldn't have figured out myself if she hadn't shed light on them. I'd say, she was particularly good at helping me maintain my excitement of looking for my first home, and at the same time, helping me keep my feet on the ground. In the crazy market we had this last couple years this was particularly useful as her experience allowed her to shared bid or negotiation expectations with me. This again, allowed me to keep my feet on the ground and walk away, or jump in with an offer when things really made sense. After sometime, I changed my goal and switched on to finding a condo in Belltown. I realized I love living here and wanted to stay here. I have heard stories from realtors who don't like clients that change their mind or that have a harder time if you switch to a different type of property profile. Not Kirsten. She was like: "you know Arturo, I think that's a great idea. We'll find something for you". And she immediately started helping me 1) understand the differences between buying a condo versus a house. Very useful. And 2) started sending me options for condos. Because she had already learned my profile, the things I like and don't and my budget, she was able to quickly help me find a place. I liked a few in particular and almost without notice I asked Kirsten if I could go visit them - she immediately offered her team's support via Misodzi Wagoner, an associate of hers. I don't know how they do it, but when I met Misodzi she seemed 100% up to speed with my profile and what I was looking for. I was impressed. I think it speaks highly of Kirsten, Misodzi and their office that they pay attention to clients and build individual profiles that allows them to scale their customer service better. I tried to be as conscious and respectful of Kirsten's time but she always had options, whether it involved visiting a property with her, with Misodzi or even point out the very next Open House session where I could go visit at my convenience. The day I found the condo I liked, Misodzi was kind enough to spend a couple extra hours with me inspecting properties in detail, sharing great insights. Kirsten then immediately proceeded to give me advice in terms of placing a bid. She shared a general neighborhood and building assessment for similar properties. This was very useful. She also helped me figure out how much to bid for and other considerations. For example, given the competitive market, I was like, let's just tell the seller I'll buy the place as is, and I'll pay for a pre-inspection. Kirsten, after exploring the market and the unit, accurately suggested we'd be ok in NOT risking $400 for a pre-inspection. She saved me $400. Since Kirsten has been in the business for a while, she knows other agents and general market. This always gave me the sense that when I talked to her, I wasn't just talking to one person but I had information, data and decision points from a broader real estate community. I recommend avoiding realtors that are a bit isolated and who have a self bias. Instead, look for realtors like Kirsten who belong a community and who have a mature and large network of connections in the industry. The bid went as planned - and got the place. Kirsten recommended me to work with Caliber Home Loans. I'm glad I trusted her advice. Working with Caliber was super smooth. I had heard all sorts of horror stories about getting your loan being super stressful but between Caliber and Kirsten being there any day/any time, I always knew what to do and what papers to submit. As closing date approached, I started working on remodeling ideas. Meeting with Kirsten and getting her ideas during this time was just as easy and as useful (and fun) as when we were looking for a property. In conclusion, she wasn't there for me only during purchase process but all the way 'til close, remodeling, and in the future selling.

Rodney and Paula Von Rotz

Kirsten far exceeded our expectations at every step and in every way. I have used many realtors over the years. I thought I had worked with good ones but Kirsten absolutely re-defined the meaning of great. Absolutely professional, knowledgeable, personable and available. Her guidance at every step along the way was invaluable. She took absolutely every imaginable and honest step possible to close a deal. She is very experienced and that experience came into play in many ways when selling our unique home and property. She really understands the market and her advice on every matter was spot-on. Kirsten is definitely a cut above everyone else. We will miss her. On a scale of 1 to 10, Kirsten is a 100.

Julianne Prekaski

Kirsten did an amazing job of guiding us through the entire process of preparing our house for sale. She is such a talent designer, the house looked so much better with her recommendations. I honestly doubt it would have sold as quickly without her. After the sale, Kirsten then helped us find the perfect house for our family. I highly recommend her.

Connie Reed

It was a pleasure to work with you, Kirsten. Never before have I had such an overwhelming task reduced to such actual pleasure. Thank you very, very much.

Matt and Olga Miller

Kirsten helped me and my wife find a home for our new family in Bellevue. The process could not have gone any better. She is a true professional and I would recommend anyone in the Seattle Area to use her to buy or sell their home.

I found Kirsten through 360 Modern, where I would "window shop" amazing mid century modern homes in the Seattle area. My wife and I have a slight obsession with the architecture design and clean lines of this time period. I reached out to her, unsure whether she would be willing to show us homes in our price range. I was happy to hear back from her soon after, and that is where our journey began.

Her passion for mid century modern homes is very sincere. My wife and I didn't feel like agents we had used previously were showing us homes that hit our needs or style. Every house Kirsten showed us hit several of our must haves. Kirsten explained every detail of each step to us ensuring we understood the entire process. For first time home buyers, this was very important to my wife and I.

We met her Husband Frank a few times, he shared his observations on homes and gave us some great ideas for possible renovations. Although our time together was short as we spent much more time with Kirsten, I felt like he was very trustworthy.

The market was very competitive, but Kirsten helped us find a perfect home for my family and I am forever grateful.

Sabin and Sutapa Nair

We are in the process of relocating from Dallas to WA and were looking to find a home in a short timeframe, prior to our move.

When we first met Kirsten, her cheerful personality, knowledge on homes in WA and passion to earn our business was very evident.

Our initial plan was to build a home and though it didn't pan out, Kirsten clearly went the extra mile to try and make this reality, all by herself, while we were remote. Kirsten was very patient and met several builders, took lot pictures and spent a ton of time over phone and emails with us and the builders.

Again goes to prove that 'Kirsten cared for her customers needs'.

Even when we looked for existing homes, Kirsten did a great job in understanding our needs and working with our schedules to show us homes that truly fit our description. We are very happy to have finally landed a nice home, at a good price in a great location, all thanks to her!

When people work with you even after the closing, you know they aren't just realtors looking for buisness - they mean what they say and we feel Kirsten epitomizes the art of "working for your customers and making it count" We have bought homes in the past, but I must say, Kirsten is the best!

Mike and Leah Mena

We worked with Kirsten and Frank for 6 months this past year. They are very knowledgeable about market trends, architecture, fair pricing, schools and neighborhoods. The both have a great deal of experience and we benefited immensely from that. I emailed them relentlessly with listings to get their feedback and they were so patient with me and gave me all the information I ever inquired about very quickly.

As we searched for those 6 months, we saw dozens of homes. They acted as an effective sounding board; problem solving how we would meet all our needs and budget in a tight market. I never felt pressured to hurry up and buy anything. Kirsten and Frank wanted us to be satisfied with our purchase. We ultimately found the right house and they negotiated a great deal for us.

I also enjoyed my time with them. They are both personable and great communicators. We highly recommend them.

Jean-Paul and Katrina Connock

My husband and I chose Kirsten Robertson to help us buy our first home because we knew she specialized in finding mid-century modern homes. We began our house hunt while out of state and continued our hunt after we moved to Seattle. Kirsten was extremely supportive throughout the process and after months of searching, we finally found our dream home.

Kirsten's knowledge, work ethic, attention to detail and honesty made us feel very confident when looking at homes. We never felt rushed or pressured at any point in the process. She listened to our wants and needs and found many homes within our price range. Never did Kirsten push us to buy a home outside of our budget.

As first time home owners the entire process of buying the home was all new to us. Kirsten walked us through every step of the process. She promptly answered all of our many questions throughout the home buying process and never made us feel that any question or concern was too small to address.

If for any reason we decided to sell or buy another home we would hire Kirsten without hesitation.

Peter & Joanna Ruchatz

With our home now finally and successfully sold, we would like to thank you for such a great job. Not only were you able to sell it in a short time, but for a record price. We actually felt very much in good hands throughout this time with you and we very much appreciate the help and advice you provided us with.

John Lamb

I highly recommend Kirsten. Prior to meeting, we searched for a house with another agent for over a year without any luck. Kirsten honed in on our requirements quickly, and "got" what we were looking for - even though our definition of a cool house hit many different points on a wide spectrum. Kirsten shines where it really matters: the multitude of steps between finding a great home and closing. She handled this stage with deftness and grace, keeping us well-informed, clearly setting expectations. Kirsten is fantastic to work with and an impeccable professional.

Joonseok Oh

Kirsten was phenomenal. I have already referred a friend to her. Very prompt follow up and response, always negotiated on my behalf, leading to a better outcome. Great information on what to look for in a property, negotiated on my behalf.

The Kneiers

Being a first time home buyer can be nerve wracking and we were very nervous about making such a huge commitment. Kirsten’s expertise, stellar negotiation skills and overall knowledge of the industry helped us feel very confident that we were making the best decision for our family. Thank you Kirsten!

Megan Hargreaves

Kirsten helped to both sell my old home and purchase my new home. She personally helped to stage my home for selling and gave me great advice as to neighborhoods to explore when buying a new place. She was wonderful to work with, communicated very well, and made the process very painless.!

Praveen Sreeram

Service was excellent. Kirsten is amazing to work with. She is very knowledgeable on the localities and houses. She is very well connected with other agents which is very helpful. She always does the due diligence and helps us out. She is always ready with the detailed background information.

Darin Davidson

Kirsten did everything to exceed all expectations. Her expertise was phenomenal. She was always available to answer question, provide information , and give recommendations. She made the process as easy as possible. Absolutely fantastic service. Highly knowledge and incredibly helpful. She was incredible. nothing could have been done better.

Heather Grassman

Kirsten did a great job working with us to find our next home. We would not hesitate to use her again. She was wonderful at getting back to us as soon as new details of our transaction were available, and that made it so much less stressful. We highly recommend her!

Lansing Ross

I highly recommend Kirsten Robertson. Establishing sales price was not easy as comparables in my immediate neighborhood were not available. As such, it was time to do homework. Lots of it. Kirsten combed through recent closed transactions, we drove to a number of these properties, we discussed and discussed again “where” the market was at, pluses and minuses of my neighborhood, and ultimately what to set price at. In the end it worked out very well. Home sold. Kirsten is outstanding and highly professional.

Gary and Mari Stobbe

Kirsten was fabulous to work with in every way. Organized, efficient, great ideas, not afraid to step in but also super cooperative and looked always to take our ideas in mind through the process. Would highly recommend Kirsten if you are looking to sell your house!

Myunghwan Ko

Kirsten was recommended by a close friend of ours and helped us buy a home in Kirkland. Before Kirsten, we had already been searching for over a year and lost bids on homes we couldn't get to tour in this brutal sellers market. With Kirsten, it took just over one month for us to find our forever home in east of market. She was absolutely a pro. Our tours were always on the day homes were listed for sale. When touring, she looked for and reminded us of the checkboxes we had shared with her when we began. When we were ready to make offers, Kirsten thoroughly reviewed inspection reports herself and steered us away from homes with doubts. We actually had an offer pulled from a red flag found by her. On the Kirkland home we finally landed, we toured, did an inspection and presented a written offer to the seller within 6 hours the home was listed for sale. And we learned after that a competing offer was actually a few hundred thousands dollars higher than ours. We believe Kirsten's established network from many years and prior working relationship helped us win the deal.

We are experienced buyers but it was actually our first time working with a traditional agent. After working with Kirsten, we've become a firm believer on the need for an agent. We felt much more competitive and protected at the same time. We were very happy that Kirsten was representing us.

Michael and Cheryl Gould

This is our second transaction with Kirsten. She is very professional and knowledgeable about the process. She always gave us excellent advice and walked us through the entire transaction making it smooth and easy.
We highly recommend Kirsten.